Sympathy for A SleepY ear

Dalia Neis - Max Kaario - Joe Barker - Willie Brisco.




Sympathy for the Sleep Year


Musical performance presents a mirage of force, surface and opacity. Through intimacy and confidence, it is ever the meeting of figuration, technology and transience. Forms bloom blossom and peak before being packed away for the archive and the marathon. These are the throngs of night. Sleep Years presents four musicians exposing their afternoon economies. Stepping and steeping into the parallel reality of a reading event, these spheres which inform and botanize musical practices are brought to exposition.




Dalia Neis is a writer, filmmaker and musician. She is co-founder of Wanda Portal, an imprint and radio show that traverses the literary, cinematic, and musical spheres, and is a member of the musical/poetry group, FITH. Her first book Zephyrian Spools (An Essay, a Wind) was publishedby the Knives, Forks, and Spoons poetry press in 2019. She will be reading excerpts from Zephyrian Spools and her new story 'Hercules Road' recently published by Ma Bibliothèque.


Performing as City Dragon, Max Kaario's live performances and recorded material bludgeon Improvisation into ritual catharsis and submission. Here, he will be presenting and reading from his recently published novella Outlier or possibly something else.


Joe Barker is a philosopher, playwright and longstanding member of FITH, Tigon, and Doralice. In this context, he will present a new performance work exploring text as a space of pedagogic and libidinal deaccession.


Willie Brisco is a perpetual uncertainty. These doubts congeals into text, sculpture and archival materials. He will be presenting for the first time selections from new poem titled Annulments.